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Iron Lung Maine - Cannabis Products
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Northeast Concentrates
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Maine's Best Cannabis

Premium Quality Locally Grown Flower
Looking for high-quality cannabis products that are perfect for both medical and adult use? Look no further than IronLung Maine! Established in late 2017, IronLung Maine has quickly become a leading provider of cannabis products in Maine. Our focus is on growing the best possible products, and turning them into extracts produced by our in-house lab, Refine New England. We offer a wide range of products, including gummies, joints, and concentrates, all of which are perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality cannabis experience.

Premium Hash Oils

Made for dabbers by dabbers
Refine is a brand of premium hash oil produced by Xtracted Labs. Our small team of passionate hash heads craft every gram to provide premium hash oil that is flavorful, potent, and consistent. We partner with the most respected growers to showcase their best flower and emphasize the flavor and characteristics that make each strain unique. All Refine products are top-shelf quality designed specifically for connoisseurs and feature the very best cannabis from your favorite farms.

Wicked Good Extracts

Pure and Potent Extracts for Adventurous New Englanders
Northeast Concentrates is a cannabis concentrate brand that captures the rich history and natural beauty of New England. The brand is specifically developed for adventurous New Englanders who want to explore the world of cannabis concentrates while maintaining an active lifestyle. Northeast Concentrates provide compelling strain selections, regional flavors, and products that introduce you to the vast landscape of cannabis extracts. It is like a beacon from the shores of the Portland Peninsula that offers hash oil for the people of New England.



I only come to this place, they always have great deals and are super friendly

- Eliza123987

The Cheers of Windham medical cannabis dispensaries

I continue to be impressed with the Windham store. Awesome staff, Greg, Nikki, Shane and Zak. Great product. A must go to location if you are traveling the Green Mile.

- Stelleraymond

Simple and easy

The prices are beautiful, and the product is delicious and effective. Customer service was extremely helpful and friendly. Definitely recommend

- WMUser602313597

best dispensary

amazing they took care of me wonderfully and I love their products!

- RissaSummer1996